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Julie’s last day of vocals. nearly finished!

Julie’s now putting the finishing touches to her vocal recording. Tomorrow will be the last day and will be used to go over what we’ve done and to double (and triple!) check to make sure everything is right before it’s taken away for mixing.

In the meantime, here’s a few pics of Julie doing her thing:

It's like a finger pointing to the moon...

What choo lookin' at? Eh???

I'm a little teapot...


I’ll tryand take more pics tomorrow 🙂



day ?? – Keys are done, vocals have started!

We’ve had no update for a few days now, and I’ve lost track of what day we’re on now. Sorry about that! 🙂

But Hugo came down and did a couple of days of keys and Julie is on day 3 of the vocals. It’s all coming together amazingly well!

Hugo was a bit camera shy unfortunately, but I did manage to get a snap of him eating a biscuit 🙂

A fair trade organic biscuit, naturally...

Brett is never as shy…

Ray Charles (de Gaulle)

More tomorrow!



day 14 – the bass is done!

Well, officially Saturday and today were days off, but today I had to drag Brett back in to finish off. He was very disappointed at having to leave his cherished “Allo Allo” DVDs behind at the house, but it had to be done 🙂

 Anyway, I managed to finish the bass parts and here’s a couple of pictures to prove it:

dum, dum, dum....dum dum, dum dum

Two socks are officially a pair, even if not the same colour...

There’s no videos obviously. Who’d be crazy enough to want to listen to the bass on it’s own??!! 🙂  

Tomorrow Hugo will let rip with some keyboard insanity and I’ll be keeping you posted of the progress right here.

Until then…