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day 9. The guitars are done!!

I didn’t manage to get anything from the session yesterday, but I thought I’d save it since I knew that Hugh was coming in to do his sax stuff today which was always going to be fun. His part is for the song “Asylum”, and the middle section has a groove basedĀ instrument trade-off section, where the guitars, keys and drums all get a few bars to improvise. Since Hugh joined us for the last London show and let rip on his soprano sax we figured it’d be great to get him to do some stuff on the album too. Note that the original video was shot on my digital camera at a 90 degree angle, and rotating it has caused it to look a bit squashed šŸ™‚

Ā Tom’s part is from the song “The Lie” which turns into a keys / guitar duel on one of the mid sections. Hugo will be playing a harmony at the same speed over the top of this bit, and the end effect should be awesome.

So now all the guitars are done and dusted, Brett will spend tomorrow re-amping the guitars though some better cabs and checking over what’s already been done to make sure it’s all in order and nothing has been missed. Saturday is a day off and then the bass starts on Sunday.


day 7 video madness :)

Tom started on the “heavy” stuff today, and I managed to get a couple of clips before the battery ran out on the camera (silly me..).

Both parts are from the song “Mirage”.


More tomorrow!



Day 6 piccies!

As promised, here’s a few pics. All the clean and acoustic guitars are now done.

Brett smilingBrett smiling!

Tom's enjoying that part a bit too much, maybe...

Tom discovers the mythical H# chord

More tomorrow when the heaviness begins šŸ™‚


Day 6 – The guitars have started!

Well, it’s day 5 in real terms since yesterday was a day off, but to avoid confusion… šŸ˜›

Tom and Brett are busily ensconced in the recording room, and started on the acoustic guitars this morning. I have no idea how far they gone and what they’re up to, but I’ll be popping down there later to take a few piccies.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of pics from yesterday’s day off. It was lovely weather (maybe us Brits will be getting a summer after all?) so Tom, Julie and Brett went punting in Oxford, and I went to Reading festival and got drunk and sunburned šŸ™‚

Ā Punting

and more punting!




Day 4 and we’ve finished the drums :)

Well, Paul has worked miracles and we’ve managed to shave a whole day off of the schedule so far. Amazing work, especially considering the complexity of whatĀ he’s had to play. I was hoping to be able to post a snippet of video that was taken earlier when Paul was pounding throughĀ the 11/16 drum solo in “Glory of a New Day”, but the sound came out all weird unfortunately šŸ˜¦

Julie took these “action” pictures though, so enjoy!

Paul ready to pounce!




We have a day off tomorrow, and then we’ll be starting on the guitars on Sunday. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

Ā Lee


Day 3 begins – so far, so good!

Gilly helpingĀ Tom

We’re already well ahead of schedule, with the drum recording forĀ four songs completed in the first two days. So far we’ve done “The Lie”, “A Sorrow to Kill”, “Asylum” and “Inside the Hourglass”.

Today Paul starts on what is arguably the trickiest songs on the album, “Temptation”. It’s the first song to be almost entirely written by Hugo.Ā Ā He’sĀ not really familiar with a vast majority of metal stuff andĀ therefore he’s managed to write a song that is still defiantly metal without it sounding like any other band I can think of. It’s genuinely original (and very strange in places too, hehe).

Anyway, I’m glad I’m not in Paul’s shoes (or army boots!) today, as the rhythm parts in certain sections are a total bastard! Still, I’m sure he’ll tackle it like he does most other things and make it look deceptively easy as usualĀ šŸ™‚



A few pics from the first day

Well, it seems that Paul has almost finished recording the first song “The Lie” and all is well on schedule.

Here’s a few pics:

Brett Caldas-Lima

Paul's Kit

The Man, the legend

The man, the legend...